A/C and Heating Contractor Check

Does your company have general liability Insurance and Texas Workman's Comp?YES
Will your company's insurance agent provide me with verification of insurance?YES
Do you provide a lifetime guarantee on all foundation work and materials?YES
Is the guarantee transferable to future owners?YES
Do you have master plumbers on staff?YES
Can your company assist in insurance claims?YES
Will I be able to remain on the premises during the repair?YES
Can you repair my foundation without breaking holes in my floor?YES
Can you provide me with a list of customers for references?YES
Do I still pay the price on your estimate even if the job takes longer than expected?YES
Is it your responsibility to clean up any mess made on my property?YES
Will you follow up once the job is completed to check on the quality of the work?YES
Also, make sure you ask how long the current company has been in business under the same name and ownership.YES