Cooling and Heating Concerns

Condensate drain line blockage can be the source of costly repairs. Du-West uses levels to ensure that drain lines have the minimum required ¼-in.-per-foot line fall. Drain lines left at level, or in some cases, uphill allow water ponding. Ponding promotes mold and algae growth in the line, resulting in a clogged line and, in some cases, an overflow. Du-West installation includes safety cutouts on the secondary emergency drain plan. If water reaches the predetermined level in the coil or drain pan, the safety will cut out the cooling system and avoid costly water damage to your home or office.

Sizing duct work is an ongoing problem within the HVaC industry. At Du-West, all supply and return air ducting is sized based on ASHRAE and manufacturer requirements. This attention to detail assures that the appropriate static pressure and air volume is delivered to the space based on the end use of the system. Residential, commercial, and industrial uses present very different air static and delivery demands.