Homeowner’s Summer Check-List

Top 10 Must Do

  • Change AC and heating system filters.
  • Flush out AC drain line with bleach twice during the summer.
  • Check for loose railings or damage on wood decks. Repair, if needed.
  • Inspect fencing and gates for damage. Repair, if needed.
  • Clean all outdoor furniture.
  • Thoroughly clean and inspect outdoor grill.
  • Have fireplace chimney professionally inspected and cleaned.
  • Scrape any loose paint from siding and wood trim, then prime and paint.
  • Clean all windows inside and out.
  • Pull all weeds and add mulch to gardens and planting beds.

If Time and Budget Allow

  • Clean grilles and fan blades on bathroom exhaust fans.
  • Inspect for cracks in concrete foundation walls, driveways and sidewalks. Fill cracks with concrete repair caulk.
  • Repair cracks in asphalt driveway. Re-coat, if needed.
  • Clean and deodorize garbage disposal.
  • Wash or replace shower curtains.
  • Remove all heating/cooling registers (grilles); thoroughly clean and replace.

A Little Something Extra

  • Purge, clean and organize the garage. Schedule a garage sale, if needed.
  • Inspect portable and home standby generators. Perform regular maintenance, if necessary.
  • Paint the front door a bold color or refinish existing stain. Add sealer to protect.
  • Organize one closet.