Advanced Techniques

Du-West is the innovation leader in foundation repair. By developing and perfecting advanced techniques to fix your foundation, Du-West continues to define the leading edge of the foundation repair industry.

Getting to the bottom of foundation repair means driving deeper. That’s why Du-West created its patented direct jetting technology. By delivering high pressure water jetting directly to the bottom, Du-West can lubricate the soil for optimum penetration.


Out of sight is hardly out of mind when your foundation is concerned. Both traditional cast iron and newer PVC plumbing are frequent sources of foundation problems. Cast iron plumbing used from the 40’s until the early 70’s, deteriorates with time allowing moisture to accumulate beneath your foundation. On the other hand, if the cushion of sand used in the construction of your foundation is washed away, settling occurs. The same problems are created when modern PVC plumbing cracks or leaks at improperly glued connections, or at broken joints and fittings.


Jack hammering holes in a slab to repair it makes as much sense as cutting a hole in the hood of your car to work on the transmission. Once again, Du-West developed a better way: tunneling under your foundation instead of breaking through it. Not only does Du-West’s innovative tunneling process allow you to be largely undisturbed in your daily routine, it also provides access to plumbing leaks under your foundation – a potential source of future foundation failure.

Tunneling is a technique is developed by Du-West that involves burrowing beneath your home to perform repairs – minimizing both mess and disruption to your daily life. Du-West also means you don’t have to worry about the risk of having holes punched in your slab.


Du-West’s in-house plumbing staff largely focuses on leak detection, blending cutting-edge technology with extensive experience. Because so much damage is caused by plumbing leaks under foundations, Du-West recommends a static test on the waste water system before and after leveling. If a leak is discovered, Du-West can isolate it and provide a plumbing and foundation repair estimate. In some cases, insurance covers access to the leak and repair to damages cause by the leak.

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