Du-West Ultra Pile Method

Du-West’s Ultra-Pile ® system is a permanent, fully guaranteed foundation repair solution. Ultra-Pile combines the strength of a concrete pile and the stability of steel rebar. Du-West’s exclusive patented method of installing pressed piles, Ultra Pile, is both easy to install and highly effective. It uses the weight of the structure and hydraulic rams to drive sectional piles under the grade beam of the slab.

What makes Du-West’s Ultra Pile so different from other foundation repair systems? Plenty. In addition to using sectional concrete piles to reinforce your home’s foundation, Ultra Pile adds the strength of solid steel rebar, which locks your repair in place. Du-West drives deeper through the use of Water Jetting. This process, a Du-West exclusive, helps lubricate the soil for deeper penetration. That ensures that your piles are being driven to the depth necessary to stabilize your home.


Concrete cylinders are pressed down hydraulically into the soil where repairs are needed to provide support. As the soil is compressed around the pile, moisture seeps out providing lubrication for the continued driving of the pile. The displaced soil protects the concrete piling from moisture changes. The skin friction provides lasting support for the foundation. As Ultra-Pile is installed, the soil is self-tested, allowing the piling to go as deep as necessary to ensure permanent support–even if it takes 15, 20, 30 feet or more. By allowing insertion of a high pressured water jet down the cylinder’s center, Ultra-Pile goes a step further, ensuring maximum depth and long-lasting performance. To be thorough, Du-West requires jetting for less than ten cylinder sections, which makes sure we’ve reached maximum depth. Since most piles are started three feet below the ground surface, that means any pile less than 13 feet will be jetted.


Du-West’s Ultra Pile is different from other pressed pile methods because we use a combination of both concrete pilings and steel rebar to add strength. Each section is stacked on the other forming a column that derives its load bearing capacity until the skin friction is maximized and the point of refusal is reached. After the pressed piles are driven to refusal, Du-West inserts a solid steel rebar down the center that verifies alignment and reinforces their positioning so that the piles won’t shift in the future. Then, Du-West locks in the repair by grouting the rebar in place, thus creating a long-lasting solution you can depend on.