Preventing Foundation Problems


Knowing the importance of soil conditions under your home, it makes sense to keep your soil in optimal condition. Because Du-West only does necessary repairs, we actually provide more preventive advice and service than repair work. The best solution to any problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. The same applies to your home’s foundation. Du-West foundation specialists frequently recommend simple measures homeowners can take to address potential problems.

Mother nature is beyond your control. Controlling the moisture under your foundation is another story. Moisture changes cause soil to expand and contract. Installing and using a watering system keeps moisture consistent beneath your foundation. Foundation watering isn’t about keeping the soil dry or wet. They key is to keep moisture levels consistent. Water too little and soil contracts. Water too much and the soil becomes saturated and water simply runs off. In fact, watering too much can damage a slab. Proper watering can save you thousands in repairs. To be effective, foundation watering must be consistent year-round. Du-West has an easy, do-it-yourself watering system designed to help keep your soil from becoming too dry.


When your soil doesn’t receive the moisture it needs, it contracts. When the soil gets too much water, it expands. This constant contraction and expansion of the soil beneath our foundation slab can lead to foundation instability. One way to prevent this from happening is to install a watering system. Du-West has a watering system effective in keeping moisture around a slab. It’s important to fight the damage that can happen when the soil around your foundation slab becomes dry. This system injects water into the soil around the slab. It is used to increase soil moisture and thereafter to moderate changes in soil moisture under foundations. By doing this, you could be adding years to the life of your foundation. Learn to build your own watering system today!


Trees are beautiful elements of landscaping around your property. They can also sap moisture out from under your foundation. To protect your foundation from tree-related damage, Du-West installs root shields. Root shields keep tree roots out and moisture under your slab. Made of a continuous polyethylene sheet, they are installed deep in a trench between a problem tree and your foundation. Root shields help prevent a tree from extending roots and drawing moisture from under your slab. Root shields are not recommended for most trees older than the foundation itself. Such trees are part of the moisture table under your home. Removing them can actually cause heaving, which can lift your foundation higher than it’s original constructed elevation.