Various Repair Solutions

Why fix something that’s not broken? Why ignore something that is? At Du-West Foundation Repair, we never tell you that you need foundation repair when you really don’t need it. Instead, we’ll give you advice on how to better maintain your foundation. If Du-West detects an unstable foundation, we will provide a thorough review, recommendations and an estimate. There are several types of foundation repair available on the market.

Du-West believes in using only the most efficient techniques to remedy slab problems forever. In fact, Du-West is the only full service foundation repair company on the Gulf Coast that employs both the Ultra-Pile® and bell-bottom pier methods as well as providing plumbing services, installing irrigation systems, root shields, tunneling and house raising in flood prone areas. Ultra-Pile has proven to be the strongest approach available for structure leveling – it is so effective, it has been patented (patent # 5399055). This method is licensed to only a select few foundation repair companies in the Gulf Coast region. And although we believe Ultra-Pile to be the best system for many structures, there are occasions when our unique bell-bottom pier method is the most appropriate alternative to correct a damaged slab. If this is the case with your foundation, Du-West has trained crews that are as experienced in installing bell-bottom piers as they are the Ultra-Pile system..


Ultra-Pile is a pressed pile method that is both easy to install and highly effective.

Du-West’s Ultra-Pile® differs from other pressed pile methods because it uses a combination of both concrete pilings and steel rebar for added strength. Using water jetting to lubricate the soil for better penetration, the concrete piles are driven down into the soil to the ultimate point of refusal. The Ultra-Pile System self-verifies alignment of the column of cylinders when a #3 rebar, which is the same length as the depth of the column of cylinders driven, is inserted.

The rebar is inserted into the center hole in each cylinder to assure that the piles are driven straight and true and that they did not encounter a rock or other object causing them to veer off at an angle. Once properly driven, an Ultra Pile can be used to immediately support the structure; no waiting required.


Unlike traditional bell-bottom piers, Du-West creates stronger, customized piers according to your foundation’s individual needs. After drilling holes and installing bells of varying sizes according to the load, steel reinforcements are added and concrete is poured. Du-West then vibrates the concrete to remove air pockets that form whenever concrete is poured. This innovative Du-West process settles moist concrete putting pressure on surrounding soil. By doing this extra step, Du-West is creating both a load-bearing and friction-bearing pier. Click the picture to view the details.


The steel pile used by Du-West is unique as compared to traditional steel piles. The steel is two walls thick with one sleeved inside the other. This not only allows Du-West to use shorter sections, which can be driven directly under the foundation, but also gives our steel pile superior strength. Du-West starts by digging a hole under the foundation. Then, unlike traditional steel piles, we drive directly under the foundation – instead of using a bracket on the outside of the foundation. Installing the pile directly under the foundation keeps the support under the beams as the structure was designed to be. Click the picture to the side of this to view the details.