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Our Experience!

Du-West offers superior on-site and on-time service. Texas weather is unpredictable, but Texans trust Du-West to maintain a comfortable environment with reliable, efficient equipment.

About Our Technicians

·       Full background check, drug tested, in uniform with photo identification for your safety and peace of mind.

·       Registered by TDLR

·       EPA certified

·       Conscientious to always treat every customer and their property with the utmost respect. Shoe protectors and drop clothes on every call

·       Drive late model, easily identified, well-stocked service trucks with the necessary parts onboard

·       Fully trained by factory approved instructors and proctors

·       Rewarded for quality work, completed training and happy customers

·       NEVER paid a commission based on how much they charge you or what they install

All our technicians are trained and have the instruments on hand to obtain and verify ambient and indoor temperatures, humidity, dry bulb and wet bulb temperature readings, air flow in cfm, static pressure, air changes, gas manifold pressures, digital refrigerant readings with digital sub-cooling and superheat levels, voltages, ohms and amperage readings on all service calls.

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Residential - Commercial - Industrial

  • Pre-season Tune-ups

  • Moisture Problems

  • Energy Saving Regular Maintenance Plans

  • Noise Issues

  • Heat Pumps

  • Equipment Damage

  • Gas Heat

  • Rodent Removal From Equipment or Ducting

  • Electric Heat

  • Lights Dimming When System Turns On or Off

  • Indoor Air Quality

  • Clangs, Bangs and Pops When System Cuts Off

  • Air Filtration Systems

  • High Utility Bills

  • Ultra Violet Lights Repaired or Installed

  • Air Flow Problems

  • Inadequate Cooling

  • Hot/Cold Areas or Rooms

  • Inadequate Heating

  • Dryer Vents

  • High Humidity

  • Bathroom Exhaust Fan Venting

  • Static Electricity Issues

  • Single or Multiple Systems

  • Allergy Problems

  • Dust Problems

  • Complete System Design

  • Positive Air Pressure In The Dwelling

  • Load Calculations

  • Special Air Filtration Needs

  • Duct Design and Sizing

  • Energy Audits On Existing Systems

  • Refrigerant Conversions

  • Leak Search and Repairs

  • Relocate HVAC Equipment

  • Pre-Purchase and Post-Purchase Real Estate HVAC Equipment Inspections and Reports


What To Expect On Your Installation Day 

Every city, state and manufacturer’s codes and requirements will be met. approved start collar with a manual damper for air flow balancing upon start-up of your system.

Your new system was designed to provide efficient service for many years to follow and we take factory designed and required start up procedures very serious. Every new system is balanced, and refrigerant charged based on the manufacturer’s required sub-cooling or superheat method. Du-West service technician or installer will only use the factory recommended and required method.

Each work area will be thoroughly cleaned upon completion. The senior technician or installer will provide you with all operation and equipment manuals. And then review the entire system with you and explain all options and operation details and answer any questions.  After one last walk through to verify everything is operating properly, he will provide you with an invoice listing the explanation of our work, equipment model(s) and serial number(s), manufacturer’s parts warranty and our Du-West Customer Assurance Labor Warranty.

At Du-West we know you have a choice of who will install and service your air conditioning system. We want to earn the title of your "AC guy". Your new air conditioning system is not just an everyday purchase. It's an investment and we take that very serious. We look forward to being your “AC guy” for years to come. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve.


Brands and Products We Service 

Du-West service technicians and installers are authorized to service all makes and models of equipment.

Our technicians and installers stay updated and are provided training and certification classes throughout the year. We service all types of cooling, heating, dehumidification and filtration equipment. Whether we are searching for an intermittent clunking sound when your AC comes on, or doing routine cleaning your cooling coil you can rest assured we are qualified. We service standard systems, heat pumps, gas or electric furnaces, water source heat pumps, variable speed systems, multi-speed systems and single speed systems. If it heats, cools, dehumidifies or filters the air a Du-West technician is your best choice for service. From digital thermostats to plugged condensate drains, 30-year-old R-22 systems to the latest variable speed R-410A systems, a new duct to the washroom or a complete replacement of your duct system – Du-West can do it.

Real Estate Purchase Inspection

Before your next home purchase consider a Du-West System Inspection.  Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection of the cooling, heating, filtration and duct system on your prospective home to insure you have peace of mind that the system is working properly. Our written report will give you a snap shot of the system as it was on the day of our inspection. If items are found in need of repair our written report will include our estimate of the cost to repair each item.


Energy Saving Service Agreements and Tune Ups 

Du-West offers several levels of system maintenance options. Every system requires maintenance and up keep. A Du-West Service Agreement will provide two system inspections and tune-ups per year to insure your system is in tip-top shape. The slightest refrigerant leak could cost you thousands of dollars in energy use on top of the further damage it may cause to your system. Our service agreements and tune-ups meet all manufacturer maintenance requirements as specified in your equipment warranty.


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