Concrete Leveling

Concrete Leveling in Corpus Christi, TXHigh-density Polyurethane Concrete Lifting

Do you need concrete leveling for your home in Corpus Christi? Call Du-West Services today, and we’ll give you a quote and help you and your home in no time! Active soils can leave you uneven terrain, from cracking concrete to sinking sidewalks. Du-West provides Texas residents and business owners with a fast and cost-effective way to extend the life of their concrete until a permanent fix can be put into place. As concrete surfaces shift, this can cause fissures and cracks, creating trip hazards and weakening the surface.

If unaddressed, these cracks can lead to crumbling and deterioration of your concrete, requiring extensive repairs or even replacement later. Foam injection of a high-density polyurethane foam material delivers an expansive foam to the voids and eroded areas beneath your concrete, expanding to fill these and re-level the concrete surface above. Call Du-West today at 1-800-457-2966 or contact your local Du-West location to learn more.

Why do you need concrete leveling for your home in Corpus Christi?

  • Safety: Uneven concrete surfaces pose a tripping hazard. Concrete leveling can eliminate these hazards and make your property safer for your family and visitors.
  • Aesthetics: Sunken or uneven concrete can be an eyesore, impacting the curb appeal of your property. Concrete leveling helps to improve the look of your home.
  • Preventing Further Damage: Uneven slabs may lead to the pooling of water, which can cause additional damage over time. Leveling can prevent such issues, helping to protect your property in the long run.
  • Cost-Efficient: Concrete leveling or slab jacking is often much more cost-effective than completely replacing the concrete. Leveling can be a more economical solution if the concrete is in otherwise good condition.
  • Maintaining Property Value: Keeping the concrete surfaces around your home in good condition can help maintain or even increase your property value.
  • Preventing Structural Damage: Uneven concrete, particularly in your home’s foundation, can lead to structural damage over time. Concrete leveling can help prevent serious and costly repairs down the line.
  • Functionality: Uneven driveways, sidewalks, or patios can interfere with their functionality. Leveling these surfaces helps restore their utility and makes them easier to use.
  • Preventing Soil Erosion: Uneven concrete can lead to soil erosion, especially in areas of heavy rainfall. By leveling your concrete, you can help control soil erosion around your property.

Concrete leveling can help you maintain the aesthetics and safety of your property in Corpus Christi, prevent further damage, save on costs, and keep the functionality of your concrete surfaces intact.

Fast and Affordable Concrete Repairs

Whether your home is experiencing shifting within its foundation or you are looking to fix a buckling and uneven walkway, Du-West is here to help! Foam injection is an option for various residential and commercial applications and can deliver fast and affordable solutions to un-leveled concrete surfaces.

Depending on the severity of the erosion or how active the soils beneath the concrete are, our professional team will provide you with the best options to resolve your issue. It is important to note polyurethane foam can undoubtedly provide an effective and durable solution to a time-sensitive problem, but our team will rarely recommend this as a permanent fix. With time, the root cause of the shifting and erosion underneath your concrete’s surface will likely persist and you will need to continue leveling the surface to avoid future damage. Du-West specializes in concrete underpinning and will ensure you are well informed and understand all of the available options for your repair before continuing.