Retaining Walls

Stabilize Soils and Resolve Drainage Issues with Du-West

When you are looking for a reliable and proven contractor to construct a retaining wall for your property, look no further than Du-West. Our team of professionals specialize in retaining wall construction, with a focus on one of the most essential aspects and often overlooked elements of wall design and installation – the drainage system. Serving home and business owners throughout Texas since 1978, we have assisted in creating retaining walls that combine both aesthetics and function and range in size from 2-feet to 40-feet. Each property we work with is different, including the severity of the slope, the purpose behind the wall, and the natural drainage of the landscape. The Du-West team incorporates and takes all of this into consideration for the planning, design, and installation of your retaining wall system and subsequent French Drain that will run along the backside of any wall we install. Call Du-West today at 1-800-457-2966 or reach out to your local Du-West location to learn more.

Professional Retaining Wall Design and Construction

Whether you are looking to control soil erosion, slope failure, or sloughing, Du-West has a track record for success in constructing retaining walls for residential and commercial properties. Building a retaining wall that will both function properly and be safe and structurally sound requires a professional builder with the right tools, equipment, and experience.

In our decades of experience installing walls of all sizes, Du-West has found that while the quality construction of the walls is critical to its longevity, installing a drainage system behind our walls delivers a longer-lasting end result, minimizing movement and future structural problems. Water that is allowed to drain into a retaining wall will build up unwanted and damaging pressure, causing premature failure or requiring the need for repairs to ensure the structural integrity of your retaining wall system.