Ductless AC Mini-Split Dallas TX

Ductless Mini-Splits – Dallas TX

Ductless AC Mini-Split SystemResidential Ductless Mini-Split AC systems are a compelling alternative to the traditional central air conditioning systems we Americans are so familiar with in many applications.

Central air conditioning systems typically include an outside unit (condenser), an inside unit (furnace and coil or an air handler), and a supply and return ductwork network to distribute the air throughout a home. Ductless Mini-split AC systems do away with the inside unit and the ductwork and replace them with a series of “heads” which are like miniature inside units that mount either on a wall or in the ceiling of a room to provide local temperature control to that space. When people become familiar with this concept, they sometimes envision window units, but mini-split systems are permanent installations with a finished appearance and code-compliant efficiency ratings.

What is the most common area to add a Ductless Mini-Split System

The most common applications we see for mini-split systems are home additions, garage enclosures, patio rooms, or any other standalone space that was not conditioned as part of a home’s original construction. This is because adding one of these onto a home in a separate space does not affect the sizing requirements of the original central air conditioning system, and they are easier and quicker to install than a central system while also coming with better efficiency and individual temperature control in that space.

Why don’t we install mini-split systems everywhere? Like all technologies mini-spits are not one size fits all applications. If you were to look at installing mini-splits throughout an entire home you will typically pay more than a central system costs because of the number of mini-split heads needed to cool all the separate rooms. Mini-splits also do come with a different appearance that most American households are familiar with because of the head, which looks like an appliance, mounted in the space. This can turn off some consumers who prefer traditional grills in the ceiling. Finally, mini-splits do necessitate strict adherence to maintenance schedules as well. Just like central systems mini-splits require keeping the filters clean to work properly, but the problems that develop when filters are dirty can affect mini-splits more severely.