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Beginning in 1978, Du-West set out to do one thing extraordinarily well: provide Texans with the best possible solutions available for foundation repair. Over the years Du-West has developed techniques that have revolutionized foundation repair, increased customer satisfaction in plumbing and lowered utility bills from your HVAC system. Today Du-West continues growing; consistently delivering quality service you can depend on by a company worthy of your trust.


Du-West covers a wide variety of services:

Foundation repair includes underpinning with several repair methods including Ultra Pile, Steel Piles and Drilled Piers with tunneling for interior underpinning.  But we go beyond just repair, we deal with the cause of the foundation problems with preventative maintenance such as foundation watering, root shields and drainage systems.

Our plumbing department does sanitary drain line replacements, re-piping of the water systems to replace old galvanized lines, water heater installation - both tank and tankless and virtually any plumbing repairs you may need.

The HVAC department can service you’re A/C including routine maintenance and repair. Du-West also performs whole system replacements including a complete evaluation of your home matching you with the best system to fit your needs, be it a conventional duct type system or a ductless mini split system.  Remember, on a new system the installation can greatly affect the energy efficiency of the system and at Du-West Air Conditioning we make sure the installation meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s and city code requirements.

Raising Houses out of the flood areas may be new to other companies, but Du-West has been raising houses since 1989.  The key to raising a home 2, 4 or 10 feet is to remember our soils are very active.  At Du-West we don’t just look at lifting but drive the piles we are lifting deep enough to hold the house stable from that day forward.  Proper underpinning is critical because once the structure is raised any movement could result in very costly foundation repair.

Retaining walls are often needed to keep the soils stable, especially in sloped areas.  Du-West recognizes the drainage system behind the wall as an essential element of construction. Controlling moisture behind the wall will prevent any movement. From a 2-foot-high wall to a 40-foot-high wall we install a French drain system that runs all the way up the back side of the wall to capture water traveling through the soils. This eliminates the unwanted pressure that can cause movement and structural problems. As you can see from this sampling


·      Du-West takes pride in doing things right the first time.

·      Du-West has vast experience in each of these fields and has proudly served Texans under the same name and phone numbers years. 

·      Trust Du-West to work closely with you before, during and after every project answering any questions or concerns you may have.

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At Du-West we have built our reputation on helping thousands of Texans with their home repair needs. We have been in business for 40 years and we bring that experience and expertise to every job. We have trained and certified professionals to take care of your Foundation, Plumbing and HVAC needs.