Houston Drain Cleaning

The plumbing system in your home might be an afterthought until something needs to be repaired. However, if you pay attention to a few warning signs, you can usually tell when you need Houston drain cleaning services before a leak or other types of damage occur that could result in spending more money.

Houston Drain Cleaning Problems

 You shouldn’t stand in a puddle of water that won’t drain when you shower. The same concept applies to your washing machine, as you don’t want to see excess water pooling at the bottom. Standing water is often a sign that you need drain cleaning services as there is something in the plumbing system preventing the water from going down as it should. If you notice standing water in the shower, it’s usually due to hair being in the drain and clogging the system. 

Moving Slowly Along

 If water drains slowly, you might think that there’s no major issue because the water is still moving along. However, this often means that drain cleaning will be needed in the future due to a clog that’s forming. Slow draining is usually one of the first signs you’ll see and is often the least expensive to address as it’s easier to get grease, hair, and gunk from the lines before the system doesn’t drain at all instead of waiting until there’s water still standing. 


 You shouldn’t smell anything from your drains if the water is flowing as it should. Food particles and sewage can sometimes build in your lines, resulting in a foul odor if drain cleaning isn’t performed. A professional can flush the lines to remove any debris causing the smell, even if it’s further down the system. 


 Pay attention to the frequency of clogs in your sinks. After cleaning what you think is one clog, the water should drain. If you see another clog a few days or weeks later, it could be a sign that there’s a more significant blockage farther down the line that requires drain cleaning services. While products at a store can sometimes help break up the debris, a professional company has tools to push air or forced water through the lines to remove buildup safely. 


 When you flush your toilets, you don’t want to see the water come back up and overflow onto the floor. This indicates that drain cleaning needs to be performed as soon as possible because it could be the result of a full septic tank. Sinks that won’t drain often coincide with this issue because the tank is too full to hold any more water and waste.