Water Heater Repair

If you plan to have hot water in your home, you need a water heater. This appliance is often hidden away and not seen unless something goes wrong. However, it’s often too late for water heater repair when you start noticing various issues. Here are a few signs to pay attention to so that you can call a Houston plumbing company to have your water heater repaired before purchasing a replacement.


The temperature should remain steady when you have the hot water on, whether in the shower or a sink. A sign that water heater repair might be needed is a fluctuation in the temperature water heater repairfrom very hot to lukewarm and then back to hot again. Mineral deposits around the heating components are usually the cause of this issue and can generally be cleaned away if noticed in time.

Water Pressure

When mineral deposits and dirt get into the lines that extend from the water heater to the plumbing fixtures in your home, you might notice a decrease in water pressure. A sign that you need water heater repair would be if you suddenly see a drop in water pressure, as this could indicate that there’s a leak. As more water begins leaking from the heater, the pressure will continue to decrease over time until there’s only a trickle or no water at all. This could result in significant issues as lingering water can deteriorate the flooring underneath the water heater, causing it to sink or fall.


Pay attention to the appearance of your hot water. A sign that you need water heater repair is cloudy water. You could also notice an unpleasant smell. These issues are usually caused by various minerals building in the lines and then traveling throughout the plumbing system. There could also be bacteria building in the tank, which is a sign that you need water heater repair as this could lead to a health concern, especially when someone drinks the water. You shouldn’t see rust-colored water. While this could indicate rust in your pipes, if you notice that the color is only present when the hot water is on, then the debris is usually in the tank itself and being distributed through the system.


Your water heater should be quiet while it’s in operation. If you notice any odd sounds, such as gurgling or banging, then it could be a sign that you need water heater repair. Keep in mind that a gentle humming sound is typical of most units. Abnormal sounds usually occur when mineral deposits build on the bottom of the tank. This makes it difficult for the tank to heat the water, resulting in the tank struggling and making odd sounds as it’s overworked.

If you notice any issues with your hot water system, you should contact a plumber who can perform an inspection to determine if the unit can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.